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A cash agreement for keys seems counterintuitive to many people at first, but the right amount of cash makes much more sense if the actual cost of an eviction is revealed. However, the average cost of the evacuation can be as high as $3,500, according to TransUnion. However, different states and jurisdictions may have rules on who can sign a cash agreement on behalf of an owner; most of them require the owner to have a legal reason to evacuate him. Finally, the deposit is separated from cash for the key agreement. The deposit has yet to be processed according to the rental agreement. In other words, even if a lessor negotiates a bar deal by key, he or she may be required to repay some or all of the deposit if the tenant would be entitled to it if there was no cash for the key agreement. Make sure there is a legally enforceable right for you to distribute tenants if they do not comply with the written cash payment for the key agreement. The key bar agreement should stipulate that tenants understand that non-compliance means that they waive their right to legal proceedings and give up possession of the property. This way, you can quickly get an owner if you don`t move.

You should talk to a lawyer to help you develop a legally binding cash for the key agreement. Don`t forget the original deposit: A cash key contract has nothing to do with the deposit. Bail must be dealt with, as would normally be the case despite the exalted circumstance. Do not assume that the tenant will not be able to get his deposit back because of his « extended stay ». Hi Connie, Cash for Keys is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant in which the landlord pays the tenant to leave a property before the end of a lease or instead of dealing with an eviction operation. Neither landlords nor tenants can compel the other to accept cashless keys. It is simply an option for both parties. I hope this will help clarify the article. The cash payment should be less than the expected cost of the evacuation, but enough to force a tenant to be evicted voluntarily. Some real estate investors recommend opening the negotiation by asking tenants how much they should move; because it may be smaller than the owner is willing to offer.

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