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For students with documented disabilities, a plan of 504 or an IEP may be available for PSAT/SAT. Parents must initiate the accommodation application by filling out the authorization form and submitting the school`s SSD coordinator with the necessary documentation. From that date, the SSD coordinator will submit the formal application to the college board for approval. Accommodation may include extra time, separate adjustments or large print brochures. The authorization form for accommodation requirements can be accessed in the alternative entry to the National Merit Scholarship Program 2022. It provides an overview of the comparison between the performance of an admission test compared to other university applicants. Helps students prepare for THE SAT. Students are familiar with the specific questions and instructions they will see at the SAT. For more information on psat, NMSQT and SAT, please visit the College Council website. Test centre supervisors must follow either the Supervisor Training Webinar test centre or regional training. SSD coordinators must attend either the SSD Coordinator Training Webinar or regional training. If you would like more information, please take as many training courses as necessary.

Students must bring the following items on the day of the test: students can also send up to four points reports for free. The school day test allows students to send points reports to up to four colleges or scholarship programs. Help districts and schools manage SAT School Day. A guide for PSAT/NMSQT students, including a practical test, was offered to each Sophomore and junior through their home school. The College Board`s website also offers practical tests and personalized study options, all of which are free. PsaT/NMSQT is the way to enter the National Merit Scholarship Program. Since students have not been able to use PSAT/NMSQT 2020 (available in October 2020 and January 2021) due to school closures, students can use SAT scores as an alternative method for access conditions. The administration of school days offers these advantages: questions relating to the concrete details of the administration should be addressed to the test coordinator at the pupils` school.

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