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To combat the balances of the RTBU and protect and improve working conditions and wages, all tram workers must insist on their democratic right to copies of the full agreement and not to trade union summaries and sufficient time to read and discuss them. Mass assemblies should be convened to allow maximum discussion. Yarra Trams said there would be no attempt to increase the increase further in the next enterprise agreement, while part-time workers were provided with a minimum of 23 hours of work per week, fixed rollover tables and overtime payments, according to the union. Yarra Trams, the privatized company responsible for the network in the CBD and interior suburbs, is fighting against the initiative of the railways, trams and buses union (RTBU) to negotiate a new collective agreement for companies (EBA) to strengthen wages and conditions. The union has been fighting for a new EBA for nearly eight months. The old contract expired in 2015. The betrayal of the part-time work rate undermines all the RTBU`s demands on wages. The terms of the proposed agreement include a 14 per cent wage increase over four years, about as much as the cost of living and only slightly higher than Yarra Trams` long-standing offer of 12 per cent over the same period. Melbourne`s Yarra Trams and the union representing their workers agreed in principle and cancelled the new strikes planned for next week. Tram workers should ask the RTBU to accurately calculate the amount of their reduced wages under the 10% part-time agreement. It is not surprising that this information was not part of the two-page summary of the « enormous gain » of bureaucracy. The agreement in principle comes after 41 meetings between the parties and includes improved working conditions and a 14 per cent pay increase over the next four years. The agreement also provides for the introduction of traumatic leave and family violence leave, as well as the strengthening of maternity and secondary leave, as well as funeral leave.

Tram strikes on a new collective agreement began last July. The tram operator had proposed two collective agreements rejected by the union. « I have to honestly say that she played a pretty important role in bringing the parties together and finally reaching the agreement that was acceptable to all, » he said. The announcement of last Friday`s sales is the result of these discussions. The union called for « significant improvements » in conditions based on various issues such as medical examinations, disciplinary advice and working boards. The devil may be in the detail of these issues, but only a two-page summary of the agreement presented in principle by the RTBU is available to the public. Tram drivers must demand access to the full agreement and the appropriate time for a joint discussion before proceeding with a vote.

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