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0 811 69 64 45 (Lundi-Vendredi 9h-12h / 14h-18h - Prix d'un appel local)

8 address above, unless it has changed and the artist has been informed of the new address. Such a termination must be received by the agent no later than two (2) weeks after the event described above. Non-disclosure is a waiver of the right to terminate on the basis of previous events. (d) persons of artists who have not taken place and artists who unreasonably refuse to accept and perform obligations cannot deprive the agent of the right to terminate the artist or to resign (as shown in point b) above). e) As used in this agreement, begins on Sunday a « week » and ends on Saturday. An « engagement week » refers to one of the following: (i) a week in which the artist must perform for at least four (4) days; or (ii) a week in which the gross salary of the artist is equal to or greater than the artist`s lowest gross salary for performances in one of the six (6) weeks immediately preceding. 7. The authority agent may, on behalf of the artist, authorize and authorize any advertising; approve and approve my names, photos, same ideas, voice, sound effect, cartoons, literary, artistic and musical materials for advertising and advertising purposes, as well as advertising and advertising for all products and services; As the artist`s representative, execute all agreements, documents and contracts for my services and talents as live performers, collect and receive money, and confirm the artist`s name for all cheques payable to Artist for Artist`s Services for live performance, and keep all agent instalments. The artist refers to the agent all verbal or written services in entertainment, entertainment and music spaces related to live performances. 8. DEFINITIONS When used in this contract, the following terms are defined as: a) « Services and Interest Activities » includes all my activities, services and interests in any capacity in entertainment, entertainment, musical spaces, whether as employees, independent contractors or otherwise, as live performers of any kind.b) « gross gains or other considerations » , the gross amounts that the artist or agent receives on behalf of the artist, for each undertaking, net of the costs and expenses associated with the recovery of amounts incurred, including arbitration, litigation and legal fees related to related activities. Notwithstanding the above, for the purposes of the calculation commissions under this sub-party, the amount to be paid by the artist or on my behalf for such commitments is deducted from « gross amounts or other considerations that the artist has earned with respect to these considerations.

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