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1. New rules. Navy Personnel Command reviewed the rules for two military couples after Navy Minister Ray Mabus called for more flexibility for these couples during a full personnel speech last May. the co-location of military dual couples identified a priority for service. Based on this mandate, the Navy Personnel Command, which describes the sailors between duty stations, wanted to review the policy. 2. Top priority. Being with your spouse is now the default setting for military dual couples. Although the new article indicates in advance that Co-Location is not always possible, due to each sailor`s careers as well as the needs of the service, it is now the default position of your detailer and as long as your records show you as a dual military, they cannot say they did not know. Training members are assigned to an appropriate visit for these newly acquired skills, which may exclude or limit consideration of the spouse`s notice of participation for the duration of this additional training. From there, he said, it`s up to the retailer to reach an agreement with his counterpart on the other service – but nothing is guaranteed. 3. Raise your hand.

Until now, Co-Location was something for which sailors had to apply every time they negotiated multiple orders during their careers, basically every time they negotiated orders, » Whitesell said. « At the moment, there is no formal agreement between the services regarding two military pair assignments, » Whitesell said. « Right now, as we do, the Navy member files his or her co-location application and must provide a telephone number or some kind of contact point to the spouse`s retailer in the other department. » « This affects nearly 20,000 sailors we know now, » Rear Adm said. Ken Whitesell, commercial director at Navy Personnel Command. « There are 9,000 pairs of marines and about 2,000 sailors who have identified themselves as spouses in another department in the system, but the number could increase. » « The navy recognizes the importance of families and, if not quite, it can affect the life of a sailor, » officials said in a press release. « The co-location of two military couples is part of family support. This is a priority, with the balance of the will to float. The revised directive updates co-location and distribution procedures and makes market negotiations less cumbersome. You`ve just experienced a life-changing event (Boot Camp) and it just seems like you`re sharing 95% of things in common with everyone at school. The reality is that they are only known in a school. You haven`t met your families, you haven`t been to their hometowns, you haven`t really hooked up with them without the Navy, like a big storm cloud, overshadowing everything you do (from haircuts to clothes, through uniform, conversational topics and PT). You`re in a bubble.

It doesn`t matter. That`s what a school is supposed to do for you. You`ve found your tribe. Prices have this incredibly strange way of bringing together similar people. Similar work interests (IT, HT, HM), similar intellectual interests (Nuke, KTI), similar stereotypes (AOs)… For the first time in your life, you are surrounded (probably) by people who love the same things you do, and who have also experienced the same life-changing event during Command recall training (they speak like you, you walk at the same pace, you look like the same uniform). The computer system has an opportunity to label To make this possible, they added the computer system to identify sailors who identify themselves as dual military, who automatically see retailers when they retrieve the sailor`s information. And if, for some reason, your and your spouse detailer can`t make a co-location, then it`s automatically pushed on the Navy Admiral`s retail head to check why not. The general consensus of r/Navy (and frankly, all the sailors who have been there for more than 3 years) are getting married to anyone in a school.

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